The company Interphos shipped extraction apparatus for "Acron" JSC

During 2013 the company Interphos manufactured and shipped more than 200 units for the installation of extraction of rare earth elements for the "Acron" JSC. As part of the delivery 3 stage extractors, reactors and containers of different volumes.

The company Interphos shipped new plastic gas flues for "PhosAgro" JSC

During the summer and autumn of 2013 it was designed, manufactured and shipped a plastic vacuum separating gas flue for the enterprise "PhosAgro-Cherepovets". For this area have been issued standard polypropylene gas flues and discharge line of phosphoric acid.

New extractors for the separation of rare earth elements

The new model developed by the laboratory extractors summer of 2013. In August, 60 1 liter extractors have been shipped to customers.

The company Interphos produced a new mixer of high molecular weight polyethylene for phosphate abrasive slurries

Designed and manufactured new mixer of high molecular weight polyethylene for phosphate abrasive slurries. Stirrers with bunk blades with a diameter of 1.65 meters, will be installed in the extractors phosphoric acid workshop of "Dagfos" JSC.

Interphos Company has developed an investment Project for “Dagfos” JSC

About Us

Engineering and Production Company "Interphos" welcomes you at its web site!

Our major activities are:

  • Development of new technologies of production of mineral fertilizers;
  • Engineering and construction of chemical productions;
  • Design efforts;
  • Manufacture of machinery for chemical industry.

"Interphos" Company has a long-term experience in the field of production of chemical and corrosion resistant equipment made of engineering polymers. Engineering and technological experience as well as company's own developments allows us to release the products for various purposes with a guaranteed quality. Service programs provide long and fail-safe operation of the products.

Engineering polymers that we use for production, are environmentally friendly, have high mechanical properties, resistance to exposure of the aggressive environments and UV radiation, and retain their properties over a wide temperature range. The properties of some types of engineering polymers are unique and allow us to produce equipment with the most accurate view of the operation specifics and requirements of the customer.

Our research activities are aimed for development and implementation of the new technologies of production of phosphoric acid, concentrated and complex fertilizers, feed additives, food phosphates, creating high-performance machines for the process, as well as study of the ways of elimination of hazardous waste and by-products of production.

The Interphos company has 11 patented technologies, the creation of the production of purified phosphoric acid with capacity of 24 tons per year, designing and launching of the production of feed phosphates of calcium - 12 thousand tons per year, trisodium phosphate - 12 tons per year. All production facilities are created from a zero to a realization on a turnkey basis according to the scheme:

Technology development untitled1.png Feasibility analysis and business plan untitled1.png Source data for engineering works untitled1.png Design and engineering documentation untitled1.png Production of new equipment untitled1.png Supply of standard equipment untitled1.png installation and piping of production line untitled1.png starting-up and adjustmentuntitled1.png full capacity output untitled1.png assistance in sales of the complete product.

Development of design, engineering and other technical documentation is carried out on the basis of SRO competency certificate for 24th types of work in the field of design documentation for special dangerous, technically complex and unique objects.

We have 239 competencies for construction and installation works, where 51 of them are for special dangerous, technically complex and unique objects.